“Although nothing will stop the determined enthusiast, the following measures…”

— document detailing OBD-II anti-tampering technology, left by state officials on an open web server

The Determined Enthusiast has spent a great deal of his life fixing things. Often these efforts are hampered by the lack of repair information, sometimes because a company has gone under, but more often due to rent-seeking behaviors like refusing to provide schematics or spare parts, or by the just-throw-it-away-and-get-another-one culture we live in.

On the other hand, his work has been made infinitely easier by the countless folks who’ve learned stuff and put it on the Interwebs.

So instead of shaking his fist at clouds, the Determined Enthusiast will document some of the stuff he’s learned, that it may help others. The chances that one of these articles will help thousands is pretty slim. But if Google brought you here, the chances that they’ll help you are pretty good.